Damage Claims


Please submit all damage claims, including manufacturer defects, to: 


Please write a description of the problem and attach digital images of the damage.  Images or a video portraying the problem must accompany all damage claims.  We cannot process any damage claim without an image or video portraying the damage or problem.  All damage claims are handled via email and must be submitted in writing.  Do not send any items back without first receiving prior consent from a Firmstrong Bike Co employee.  Before submitting a damage claim please read the below information carefully and first assess whether your shipment is worthy of a damage claims submission.   


Firmstrong Bike Co is not responsible for damage caused in the shipping process. We will not offer credits because of minor scratches, dents, or other minor aesthetic blemishes caused during shipping.  These types of things fall under our Allowable Damage policy, please see more about this below.  If customers would like a replacement part or bicycle because of scratches, dents or other minor damages caused during the shipping process, purchasers will be responsible for the product replacement cost and shipping costs associated with damaged part(s) or bicycle replacement.   If a part sustains substantial damage during the shipping process please submit a damage claim (as outlined above) and we will determine what the best option is to get the item in full working condition. 


If a bicycle or other product are received and the customer believes there is damage that was not caused during shipping the customer will need to submit a written explanation of the problem, along with photos to help@firmstrong.com.  Photos must accompany every damage claim. We can also accept videos.  Based on the information provided our claims department will determine if the problem is a manufacturers' defect.  For any claim we must be notified within seven days from the date the bike was received. We will respond within five business days of your submission. DO NOT return items to us without receiving instructions and approval in writing from a Firmstrong Bike Co employee. 

Generally, the complete bicycle will not need to be returned. If photos and the written description submitted by the customer are thorough enough, replacement parts can be sent to remedy the problem.  Once replacement parts are received, the customer is responsible for the labor and cost of installation. Please note, if replacement parts can remedy the problem(s), a new bike will not be sent under any circumstances.  In the case a complete bike or part does need to be returned due to a manufacturer's defect, you must first have written approval from a Firmstrong Bike Co associate. No packages will be accepted without written approval from a Firmstrong Bike Co associate. After the return is authorized please have the parts or bicycle packaged and ready for pick-up by the freight carrier. Firmstrongbikeco.com will arrange a pick-up of the bike or parts to have it returned to the manufacturer. Once the damaged bike or parts has been returned, an inspection will be done and the case will be handled accordingly. If it is decided that new parts and/or a bicycle will be sent, they will be issued and sent via the same method that the original order was sent.  Not always do the defective parts have to be returned to us, in some instances replacement parts can be sent if the photos and email point out the exact problem. From the time the bicycle and/or parts arrive back at the manufacturer it can take up to 16 business days until the new parts and/or bicycle are sent to and received by the customer.  For some manufacturers' defects Firmstrong Bike Co will allow customers to have their bike repaired at a local bike shop that is convenient to the customers' residence.  In this situation the customer will only be reimbursed for the cost of repair.  They must first have the approval of a Firmstrong Bike Co employee to take their bike in for repair and the cost must be approved in writing by a Firmstrong Bike Co employee.  Our expert staff knows how much each repair should cost and we will not credit anything above what we have deemed as the correct rate.   We will be glad to facilitate your claim with the manufacturer however, manufacturers' defects are the responsibility of the manufacturer. As such, you agree to indemnify Firmstrong Bike Co from any such claims. 


Allowable damage is any damage that does not affect the structural integrity of the bike or that does not hinder the bicycles' ability to function in a proper and safe manner.  Minor scratches, dents, or other body blemishes are not covered under warranty.  In extreme damage cases will may be able to send replacement parts, this will be determined on a case by case basis.  If you believe your bicycle has suffered damage that is greater than what we consider Allowable Damage, please follow the steps above to submit a damage claim.