About Us


We pride our selves on designing the highest quality bikes at prices that are affordable.  Our mission is to design bikes that blend style and functionality creating an experience for riders, not just a mode of transportation.


We are fun, adventurous, down to earth, easy going people who enjoy the simple things in life more than anything....oh and of course we love bicycles.  We started Firmstrong in California ten years ago because we saw a need to offer people a simple, clean, easy to ride bike at an affordable price.  We are bike riders who enjoy getting on our bikes and taking a cruise wherever the road or path takes us.  We use our bikes not only for transportation but as a way to clear our heads, remove ourselves from the daily grind and just get away from it all.


We started Firmstrong in California ten years ago because we saw a need to offer people simple, clean, easy to ride bikes at an affordable price.  We have a goal of keeping the bicycle simple without neglecting the riders’ needs.   Our goal is to spread the use of bicycles throughout our communities because we believe in it‘s benefits.  Preserving the simplicity of a bicycle is important to us.  Hopefully if we do this we can make people’s lives simple again when they go for a ride...if only for a few minutes here or there.


We design all of our bikes in Hermosa Beach, CA starting with a pen and paper.  We think about how we can give riders the best experience possible while maintaining a simple appearance.  We are able to keep our prices affordable because we reach out directly to our customers, as oppossed to going through distributors and big box retail stores.  Keeping a direct connection to our customers is extremely important to us and what we believe sets us a part.